Traceability | Novatech

Novatech´s calibration laboratory is not UKAS accredited due to the high number of loadcell models, their complexities and variations, and the simple fact that UKAS accreditation and procedures would not be in keeping with our competitive product and recalibration prices.

Even though we do not have an equivalent to UKAS accreditation, we are able to offer complete calibration traceability via our fully traceable calibration laboratory. Each calibration reference is carefully chosen to produce measurement uncertainties in keeping with our loadcell specifications, with an industry practice betterment factor of 3 applied to these uncertainties.

The high standard of our calibration methodology and the precision of our calibration references means that we can often offer a higher level of accuracy, that is subject to a lower uncertainty, than many UKAS accredited calibration facilities. UKAS guidelines regulate the repeatability of the calibration process rather then setting a benchmark for precision. It is, therefore, a common misnomer that UKAS accreditation is a sign of greater accuracy.

We have a comprehensive calibration uncertainty evaluation document available to back up our traceability statements found on our loadcell and system calibration certificates.

This document is available to download here.