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Novatech Measurements Limited has been manufacturing high quality loadcells in the UK since 1972.

Having design, machining, strain gauging, assembly and calibration capabilities all at one factory allows us to respond rapidly to all customer requirements. This is true not only for standard products but for an increasing variety of special loadcells, which are designed to meet specific application driven requirements. We are happy to produce special design variants of all types from our standard catalogue range of more than 50 product families or to design something completely new to meet your requirements. With our dedicated team of hands-on engineers fielding your enquires, rather than office based salespersons, you can be sure that you have as much direct input into the final product as desired.

The items listed below give an idea of the scope of the work that we have under-taken for a wide range of customers. Various combinations are available on most product styles upon request. Our loadcells are used in a wide variety of fields including automotive testing, medical research, aerospace, the nuclear industry, production machinery and product testing.

  • All common loadcell geometries including column, donut, beam, shear pin, pancake and diaphragm or bespoke items produced to exclusive customer controlled dimensions.
  • Measuring ranges 0.1N to 10MN (10gf to 1000tonnef) compression, tension or bi-directional as and where design permits.
  • Sealing up to IP68 with chemical and/or oil resistance where required.
  • Submersible designs for pressures up to 1500bar.
  • Operating temperature range as low as -233°C or as high as 250°C. Full modulus compensation on ranges between -10°C. and 250°C.
  • Vacuum compatible designs and special materials and processes for low out-gassing requirements.
  • Sizes down to 10mm diameter or 2.5mm thick can be accommodated where force range is compatible (see news articles for details).
  • Endless combinations of connectors and/or flying leads detailed to order.
  • Multi-axis loadcells in almost any combination of measurement axes and force ranges. Minimal crosstalk to avoid complicated mathematical procedures.
  • Static torque measurements available using stand-alone sensors or as part of a multi-axis loadcell.
  • Special end fittings, mounting plates and adapters available for many designs.
  • Fail-safe housings.
  • Weighing platforms.

We offer in-house loadcell calibrations from 0.1N to 1000kN (10gf to 100tonnef) in tension and compression, extending to 2000kN (200tonnef) in compression only that are traceable to European standards. Some calibrations are possible at temperatures up to +250°C. Calibrations outside of these force ranges can be arranged through appropriate calibration laboratories.

We can also calibrate static torque transducers from 10milliNm to 2000Nm.

As a manufacturer we can repair and recalibrate all our loadcells, both standard and bespoke designs. We also recalibrate and repair loadcells made by other manufacturers.

In addition to manufacturing loadcells and torque transducers we also supply a range of basic instrumentation. The range includes amplifiers and mains and battery powered loadmeters.

Details of our standard product range can be found in the products section.

Our sales department can supply printed versions of the data-sheets for all of our standard product range.

For customers who only make occasional force measurements we operate a loadcell hire service at www.loadcellhire.co.uk or you can contact our sales department to discuss your requirements.

If you need a solution to your force measuring problem
please contact us by telephone, fax or email.

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All Novatech loadcells are manufactured in the UK.