FAQ | Novatech
  • Q. Can I have this standard model loadcell with some changes?

    A. Yes, this is Novatech’s market niche. Small modifications or new concept loadcells are inexpensive and available even for single loadcell orders. A small selection of the many custom designs that we have produced can be found in the Applications section.

  • Q. Do you have an explanation of the terms used on your data-sheets?

    A.Yes. Engineering Application Sheet E014: Glossary of Loadcell Terms explains the meaning of a lot of the terms used on the loadcell data-sheets. If you need further clarification please contact us.

  • Q. Can I measure down to 1N with my 20kN loadcell?

    A. No you need to choose a loadcell with a full range compatible with the measurement points required. This may need more than one loadcell to cover a wide range of forces. The selection of the range required is explained in Engineering Application Sheet E003: Loadcell Range Selection.

  • Q. Are your force calibrations traceable?

    A. The references used on our force calibration rigs all have calibrations that are traceable to European standards. Traceability is maintained by a programme of regular equipment test and recalibration.

  • Q. Are your loadcells supplied with a calibration certificate or is calibration an additional cost?

    A. All new Novatech loadcells except the F303 are calibrated with references that are traceable to European standards and a calibration certificate is issued. This is included in the standard loadcell price. The F303 is a low cost force sensor and it is only supplied with a value for its full range output in mV/V. This value is measured using the same traceable force references that are used for a full calibration.

  • Q. I require some additional calibration points for my loadcell to improve measurement accuracy. Can you help?

    A. Our standard calibration gives loadcell outputs for 0, 50 and 100% of rated load for increasing load, 50 and 0% of rated load for decreasing load. If you need more points we are always happy to quote for special calibrations.

  • Q. Do you repair loadcells?

    A. If it is economically viable we will repair damaged loadcells even if they are manufactured by another company.

  • Q. Will changing the length of the cable affect the output of a loadcell?

    A. Yes it will. The change is small but it can be significant in applications where high accuracy is required. More information can be found in Engineering Application Sheet E012 - Electrical.