Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy | Novatech

Precision force measurements can be used to help improve efficiencies in renewable energy production.

The global effects of climate change in recent years have highlighted the need to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Even if we were to disregard the effects of greenhouse gases, the life-cycle of fossil fuels means that supplies of oil and gas could effectively be exhausted within two or three generations if current production levels are maintained. Undoubtedly a greater emphasis needs to be placed on tapping more renewable energy resources, which currently accounts for less than 25% of the world's energy production. Renewable energy, as the name suggests, offers a sustainable source of energy production that cannot be exhausted in the same way. These are usually zero emission and therefore provide a much more eco-friendly solution to energy production. The most common sources of renewable energy include solar, tidal, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric and biomass. Novatech are proud to be working with companies in each of these areas, who are looking to improve the technology and efficiency of renewable energy production.

Loadcells produced by Novatech have been used in various applications including:

  • Wind shear bolt load monitoring for large wind turbine assemblies
  • Thrust and torque measurement for wind and steam turbine bearings
  • Bore hole cutting for geothermal energy production
  • Submersible equipment for offshore / marine energy production

Loadcells for these applications are often exposed to the elements, required to operate in all weathers and under extremes of temperature. We are able to provide a robust solution to almost every environmental condition possible and would be happy to demonstrate our capabilities. If you have an application that you would like to discuss, please contact one of our engineers for free advice and a no obligation quotation.