Aerospace | Novatech

Novatech have perfected the design and production processes required to make loadcells suitable for challenging Aerospace applications, particularly those involving ultra-high vacuum environments.

We are able to offer force measurement sensors that can be subjected to a wide range of temperatures, pressures and other harsh environmental factors. Our standard designs can be adapted to resist extreme vibrations and shock loads, using materials that are suitable for low out-gassing requirements where necessary. The combination of features we can offer make us well situated to deal with a variety of aerospace applications including:

  • Loadcells for wind tunnel balances
  • Fatigue testing of airframe structures
  • Weapons bay door testing rigs
  • Thrust force measurement of jet engine turbine bearings
  • Safety testing of ejector seat mechanisms
  • Undercarriage force measurement and landing gear uplock testing
  • Lens positioning for optical satellite imaging
  • Entry vehicle parachute riser testing

The aerospace sector is often one of the most demanding in terms of quality control and traceability of products. Novatech has opted not to be an ISO 9001 or AS9100 (BS EN 9100) company due to the significant limitations these would impose on how we respond to niche requirements. However, Novatech work to many of the same standards and can offer full traceability on all products down to component level. We are always happy to open our doors to independent audits and will work closely with the customer to ensure that all quality and traceability requirements are met in full. Our thorough approach to quality management has been met with approval from high-profile customers in the aerospace industry such as Airbus and NASA. We have recently provided a set of vacuum compatible loadcells for the flight testing of the NASA 'hypersonic inflatable aerodynamic decelerator' (HIAD), which required meticulous documentation of all parts and processes.

If you have an application in the aerospace sector, and would like to discuss your requirement with one of our engineers, we would be happy to provide you with full details of our quality management system and traceability. A comprehensive calibration uncertainty document is available for download that gives an insight to the care and attention to detail that is common to all aspects of our manufacturing process. Contact one of our engineers to discuss your force measurement needs.