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Production processes throughout all aspects of manufacturing can greatly benefit from precision force measurement.

Loadcells provided by Novatech Measurements Limited have been used in mining and foundry applications, where raw materials are processed for use by other industries, right through to the packaging and delivery of a final component or assembly produced at the end of the supply chain. Loadcells are particularly widespread in manufacturing due to use in force feedback control systems. In situations where a simple electrical limit switch will not suffice, loadcells can often be used to measure a variable load condition and the resulting signal from the loadcell can be used to inform the relevant control system to respond accordingly. A good example would be bulk weighing, where the output from a single loadcell could be used to inform a control system when an action can start, the rate at which the action can continue, when the action should stop and when the next action can follow on. This allows the majority of a process to be done at high speed with course resolution and slow down when close to a threshold to enable a mix of speed and precision that would not be possible with a simple on/off electrical limit switch. In most manufacturing businesses, where profit margins are dependant on efficient, high volume production, any time savings that can be achieved are extremely valuable.

Novatech have provided loadcells for a wide variety of production processes that include:

  • Mining / quarrying of raw material
  • Sintering and Forging of processed raw materials
  • Material testing
  • Metal forming
  • Die cutting using hydraulic presses
  • Welding of both metals and plastics
  • Bulk weighing including:
    • Vessel / tank weighing
    • Dosing
    • Items in transit on conveyor belt
  • Process control including:
    • Motor / gearbox torque measurement
    • Insertion / assembly force measurement
    • Roller tension setting
    • Bearing thrust and torque measurement
  • Quality assurance and safety testing

If you have a production process that requires precision force measurement, please contact one of our engineers. They will require detailed information about the function that the loadcell needs to perform and the environment in which it will be placed. This may involve needing to share sensitive data and we are of course happy to sign non-disclosure agreements as required. Our engineers can offer any level of involvement in your project that you may require and will work closely with end users to ensure we collectively achieve the optimum solution. This may involve a bespoke item that replaces part of an existing assembly, so do not limit your thinking to our standard product catalogue. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your requirement and to ensure you end up with the right tool for the job.