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Specialists in design and manufacture of Loadcells since 1972. Our priority is delivering high quality and precision loadcells to meet our customer’s requirements at a fair price.

We are proud of our vast expertise in designing bespoke loadcells that are the optimum solution for our customer’s application or process including vacuum, high temperature and submersible loadcells.

Our highly skilled and knowledgable team are based at our premises in St Leonards On Sea in the United Kingdom and our production process is completed at this site.

We strive to innovate without compromising accuracy and quality. Our catalogue includes donut loadcells, load washers, pancake loadcells, bending beam / single point loadcells, button / diaphragm loadcells, shear beams and shear pins. We are also experts in multi-axis loadcells and static torque transducers and we can provide a selection complementary instruments and telemetry.