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The automotive & motor sport sector is possibly the largest single source of varied loadcell enquiries that Novatech receives outside of general production manufacturing.

With a car being the most complex piece of engineering that most people will directly interact with on a daily basis, it is no surprise that all aspects of the mechanical design, manufacture and performance are highly scrutinised.

Novatech provides a series of off the shelf items for the most universal automotive testing requirements, including:

  • Brake / Accelerator / Clutch foot pedal loadcells for pedal actuation forces
  • Handbrake loadcells for emergency / parking brake lever actuation forces
  • Gear shift loadcells for gear lever actuation forces in three axes
  • Seat belt tension loadcells for safety checks and crash testing

Novatech also provide hundreds of bespoke loadcells for specialist automotive applications, including:

  • Dynamic engine mounting forces
  • Push rod bearing forces
  • Seat anchorage strength testing
  • Braking torque measurement
  • Tailgate closing forces
  • Bi-directional measurement of trailer draw bar forces.

Furthermore, Novatech loadcells are used by a significant number of motor sport teams across all disciplines. We can proudly boast to have supplied Novatech equipment to nearly all Formula 1 teams past and present and the governing body, the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), use our equipment to carry out routine checks on each car to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations.

Our most commonly used products in the motor sport industry are set-up wheel loadcells, wheel-pan loadcells for dynamic four post shaker rigs, corner weight scales and loadcells for measuring aerodynamic forces on front / rear wings.

If you have an application in the automotive or motor sport sector it is highly likely that Novatech have already engineered a solution to your requirement. Contact one of our engineers to discuss your force measurement needs.