Agriculture | Novatech

Novatech are able to respond quickly to all enquiries and have some of the shortest lead times in Europe.

We aim to provide quotations within 2 business days and can often supply bespoke loadcells in as little as 3 weeks, following the acceptance of our quotation. This is particularly crucial for seasonal activities, such as harvesting, where there may be a limited window of opportunity.

The agricultural sector has undergone something of a technological revolution in recent years. Certain brands of tractors are now more advanced and more expensive than luxury sports cars and agricultural universities are teaching a new generation of tech savvy students how to apply practical science to farming. Modern agriculture is becoming ever more reliant on mechanisation to maximise efficiency and profitability in a business where margins are often relatively small. Commercial farms offering a fairly common produce such as milk, vegetables and grains need to be able to handle extremely large volumes in order to meet an increasing demand and yet tend to find themselves squeezed on price by customers with significant buying power, such as the big supermarket chains. Anything that can be done to improve processes, so that the work can be done quicker and by fewer labourers, is of huge benefit to farmers.

Novatech has provided a large number of sensors to the agricultural sector, ranging from loadcells for laboratory use at agricultural universities to equipment that is used in the field. Applications in this sector using loadcells that have been supplied by Novatech include:

  • Grain silo weighing
  • Payload measurement for combine harvesters and grain hoppers
  • Hitching and towing force measurement for tractor driven farming implements
  • Biomass bulk weighing
  • Hay bailing
  • Categorisation of produce such as free range eggs by weight

We also offer a repair and recalibration service, providing a quick turn-around for when a customer finds that existing equipment needs to be repaired due to damage. Novatech are able to design and manufacture loadcells that can withstand extremes of both pressure and temperature, as well as survive regular exposure to harsh environments such as high level radiation. However, we cannot stop a determined rat from nibbling on exposed cables that have not been cleaned thoroughly since the last harvest. This seems to happen a lot and means that some rats can probably boast more sales than some of our employees! A quick repair can ensure that the crop is still harvested in time.

If you have an agricultural application that you would like to discuss, please contact one of our engineers. In the case of a critical requirement we may be able to offer a fast track service should you require items faster than the normal lead time.