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F255-Z3031 - Pinch And Pull Force Measurement

Customer: UK based University
Loadcells: F255-Z3031 10kgf and F256-Z3032 40kgf 
Special Features: Non-Ferrous construction, used within MRI scanner

A UK based University School of Sport Science required a force measurement system to measure pinch force when pulling against a fixed structure. The system would be mounted in a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner and therefore must be of a non-ferrous construction. As the research budget was limited, the overall cost for the system was important.

Novatech was able to offer a low cost solution using two pre-existing loadcell designs held together using a removable fixing plate. This allowed flexibility to change the dimensions of the fixing plate or to use the two loadcells separately Construction was aluminium with brass fittings to produce a system unaffected by the magnetic field produced in the MRI unit.