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Set-up Wheel Loadcell

Standard Ranges 1.25, 2.5 and 5kN (125 to 500kgf)

  • Ball transfer base
  • Off axis loading compensation
  • Traceable calibration with certificate included in the standard price
  • Standard 1 year warranty

This F256 loadcell assembly is designed specifically to be easily fitted to customer designed set-up wheels. Incorporating a ball transfer base means that the car can easily be positioned precisely in the workshop.

Off axis loading due to camber angles are allowed for with the loadcells built in compensation. With the cable exiting through the loadstud and fitted with a connector, levelling of the wheel is achieved by rotation of the loadcell in the set-up wheel. With two loadcells fitted to each wheel, giving a capacity of up to 2.5kN (250kgf), 5kN (500kgf) or 10kN (1tonnef), typical accuracy is ±0.1% of rated load (refer to F256 Data Sheet for full performance specification). All the variants of this loadcell have F256-Zxxxx codes, the most common is the F256-Z0795.

We can supply TR150 battery powered loadmeters for use with these loadcells. If you require signal conditioning to interface the loadcells to your workshop equipment the SGA, SY011 and SY018 amplifiers are available with either voltage or current outputs. The DSC USB loadcell digitiser or the T24-SYSC can be used to provide a precision computer interface powered from a USB port.






Outline drawing of the product.



F256 Set-up wheel loadcell, standard ranges