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Loadcell Calibration
Novatech Measurements houses a well equipped loadcell calibration laboratory with 8 dedicated calibration
rigs, providing calibrations traceable to European Standards over a wide range of forces and torques.

We can even offer a range of force calibrations performed at temperatures up to 250°C for accurate
compensation of temperature related measurement error.

Deadweight Rigs: 0 to 10kN tension and compression at ±0.02% uncertainty
Transfer Rigs: 0 to 1000kN tension and compression at ±0.05% uncertainty
1000 to 2000kN compression only at ±0.1% uncertainty
Torque Rigs: up to 2000Nm in both directions

All new loadcell products purchased from Novatech Measurements will come with a factory calibration with
traceable certification as standard. Where the loadcell has been purchased with an associated amplifier,
digital signal conditioner or loadmeter, we will also provide a certificate for the scaling of the instrumentation.

Novatech also offers a repair and recalibration service, available for all of our standard and bespoke designs,
as well as the vast majority of loadcells made by other manufacturers. All standard loadcell geometries can
be handled by our calibration laboratory including donut and pancake types, bending beams, shearpins and
loadlinks. If required, we can manufacture special fittings in our machine shop to adapt non-Novatech items
to work with our standard rig attachments. These are fully catalogued and can either be stored at Novatech
for future use or delivered to the customer.

Amplifiers, digital signal conditioners and loadmeters can be set to the calibrated outputs from loadcells
using traceable DC millivolt sources. If the instrumentation to be scaled is not a model supplied by Novatech,
we will need an instruction manual and, where applicable, any pin number or passcode needed to allow
calibration access.

During any loadcell recalibration, Novatech checks the same performance indicators we use for our loadcell
manufacture, determining whether the loadcell and calibration is still fit for purpose. In certain cases we may
contact the customer to advise that the calibration does not make economic sense due to the condition
and/or performance of the sensor; whereas an independent calibration house will often produce, certify and
charge for calibration data even if the loadcell is not operating correctly and is no longer fit for purpose.

We can turn most calibrations around in a week. If you are likely to experience problems through being
without the equipment for this amount of time, a faster turn around may be possible if you pre book a date for
the calibration and provide tracking details so we can prepare for the arrival of the equipment. We are very
flexible and will do our best to meet your requirements. Please call and speak to one of our engineers to
obtain a quote and estimated lead time.